Quick Post: Update your Project name and change Page Titles

A customer who had started a proof of concept (PoC) wanted to develop and deploy the app as a production application. However, the page title (seen in the tab of the browser) showed the old name and they didn't know how to correct it. Also, they wanted to change the project name itself. Read on if you've ever come across the same issue or want a guide to point your new business developers.

Issue 1: How to update the Page Title

Mendix uses a dynamic system for naming the page titles in your application. There are two pieces of data that determine what is displayed.

1) Application title

In the Business Modeler, navigate to 'Project-->Navigation'. For each tab (Desktop, Tablet, and Phone), there is a setting for the application title. Edit it here and it takes care of the first part of the Page Title that a user sees.

2) Page Title

In the Properties of every page you create in your application, there is a setting for the 'Page Title'. A lot of early developers miss this, but whatever appears here is what will appear after the dash '-' in the rendered page title.


For example, if you call your application 'Widget Counter' and the homepage is named 'Home Page', Mendix will render the page title as "Widget Counter - Home Page". Something to keep in mind as you develop your app.

Issue 2: How to change the name of the Project

This one requires a user who a 'SCRUM Master' in the project. They logon to the Developer Portal (home.mendix.com-->Dev Portal), select their project, then click on the 'GEAR' icon in the top right hand corner:

You'll see the Project General Settings tab at that point where the SCRUM Master can change the Project Name.

At this point, I recommend you download the project again to work in your modeler. Yes, you can change the project name in your folder directory but then you have to sync it back up with your project which can sometimes be more trouble than simply downloading the project again. If the data in your local project is important be sure to save the "Deployment" folder separately and copy that into the newly downloaded version of the project, assuming you were using the default built-in database for development.

That's all. I just wanted to share this with you as a quick reference guide, particularly those moving from a PoC to deploying their first app where this might not be obvious as to what needs to be done in changing the Project name.