Mendix World Time and The R.A.D. Report!

It’s been a few months since I posted anything and I need to change that. So first order of business it to talk about the exciting travel planned for later this week!

I along with a number of my colleagues are making our way to Europe later this week for the primary purpose of attending Mendix World. This is their annual, no bi-annual, no…whenever they feel like announcing the next major iteration of the platform that is Mendix! As an MVP I’ve seen a number of very exciting things to be announced and I can’t wait for it to be in the hands of us, the community! The event will take place in their Europe base of operations of Rotterdam in what promises to be an exciting venue at the Rotterdam AHOY. We have guest speakers (including Bear Grylls featured where I will compare this speech to the one slated for SAP next month at Sapphire), lots of courses, and of course networking events where I hope to meet many of you (find the EPI-USE or MVP booth and I’ll likely be there)!

Along with a few of my colleagues, we decided to take a bit of PTO and tour a bit of Germany beforehand and Ireland after the event. Though it won’t be work related I will try to update The R.A.D. Report with some pics and quick stories of our adventures that being this Thursday so stay tuned!

I will admit that my schedule is very busy as the Director of our US RAD practice managing pre-sales, operations, and a LOT of ScrumMaster/Architect work, so my Mendix-focused posts have suffered. I’m trying to get some of my staff that are interested in writing and sharing with the community to create some drafts that we can share here. I have to be careful about specifics of course (NDA’s) but the concepts are open territory. Additionally, I want to write/video more regarding what I’m learning or teach out there regarding how to manage these projects effectively if that’s of interest. If there is one thing I have definitely learned over the years, no two projects are the same! Finally, I keep my eyes and ears tuned to the Rapid App Dev industry to learn about what is new/different/changing/etc. and I’ll share my thoughts as warranted.

I hope to see all of you at Mendix World next week and safe travels!