Replacing the Rich Text with the Format string widget in Mendix

I thought I would pass on some information I struggled through and also record it for my own sake. The documentation on how to use the Format String widget is unclear. Read on if you want to save yourself some frustration.

I'm working on upgrading a project from Business Modeler version 5.13.1 to 5.20. One of the deprecated items is the Rich Text Viewer. The logical choice for replacement is the Format String widget. So I went through the process of updating all 43 instances in this application, only to run the app and see that they weren't working.

Here is a screenshot of the instructions:

Select your attribute, give it a name. Notice here that the attribute vaguely references a format of ${your_Variable_Name} here. REMEMBER THIS!

Next, the documentation asks you to fill out the display string in the Behaviour tab.

Notice here that it tells you to use ${[your_Variable_Name]}


Actually, you need to use what the attribute format showed on the previous screen:


But wait, there's more. Next, go back to your Data Source tab and edit your variable. You need to be sure to toggle on the Behavior tab in this menu the attribute to render it as HTML:


Once you do these things, this widget will properly replace your Rich Text widget with the Format String widget.